Peter de Keizer, PhD
Managing Director
Nick Sarlis, MD, PhD
Chief Medical Officer
Laurens van Pinxteren, PhD, MBA
Head of Technical Operations
Dr. Jörg Herbst Dipl. Chem. PhD, ERT, DABT
Projectmanager preclinical research
Marjolein Baar, PhD
Research Management

Gerd Hummel, PhD
Preclinical regulation
Michael Teifel, PhD
Preclinical development
Edo Brinksma
Project control and finance
Clementine Nicholls
Executive Assistant


Tobias Madl, PhD (Prof.)
Head of structural biology, scientific co-founder
Esmée Bouma, BSc
Laboratory management

Diana Putavet, MSc
Research and innovation

Marco Demaria, PhD
Biomarkers of senescence,
Scientific co-founder