Business highlights

Q2 2018: Incorporation of Cleara Biotech B.V. through a joint effort by Apollo Health Ventures and dr. Peter de Keizer

Q4 2019: Cleara becomes the main industrial partner of the ZonMw/Health~Holland Public Private Initiative Voila/SMARTage

Q4 2020: Addition of “Cambrian Bioventures” to investment syndicate

2021-22: Establishment of CL04177 and CL04183 as lead candidates

2022: Sizeable investment by Apollo VC-led syndicate, involving Curie Capital, ROM Utrecht, LongevityTech.Fund and ISTAR Biotech B.V.

Q2 2022: Cleara further expands three teams on preclinical development (I), R&D arm to complete preclinical development and further expand its research pipeline

Corporate development

Q2 2018: Execution of long-term collaboration and license agreements executed with UMC Utrecht; Netherlands, UMC Groningen (dr. Marco Demaria) and MU Graz; Austria (Prof. Tobias Madl).

Q4 2019: Recruitment of Michael Teifel for Preclinical Development

2022: Recruitment of Angelos Stergiou as Chairman of the Board

2022: Establishment of teams for preclinical development, clinical development, CMC and Research.